Screen Printing

Then & Now

The history of screen printing is a lot older than some would expect it to be. Screen Printing has become the most commonly used method of printing custom t-shirts and other apparel. Some of the first historical records of screen printing can be traced as far back as 960 A.D. It was during this time in China that the Sung Dynasty began printing design and patterns using stencils. Some may even refer to this method of printing onto t-shirts, bags and other items as Silk Screen Printing.

During the late 1700’s, Screen Printing was introduced to Europe. During this time, it was still hard to get silk as it was not readily available. It took a while for screen printing to gain in popularity. It was not until 1907 when an English man by the name of Samuel Simon officially patented the screen printing technique.

During the early 1910’s, screen printing would undergo another revolution thanks to a trio of developer (Robert Beck, Charles Peter and Edward Owens) who introduced photo imaged stencils to the industry.

During the earlier years of, techniques were like secret recipes handed down from one generation to the next. Thanks to the now infamous Screen Print of Marilyn Monroe done by Andy Warhol during the 1960’s, screen printing had made it into the main stream.

Still one problem existed, how to speed up the process.  Enter Michael Vasilantone, an American entrepreneur, artist and inventor. In 1960, Vasilantone would receive a patent on the very first multi-color garment printing machine.

Screen Printing has a very long history, and now TShirtWorxs is a part of that history. In the same way that screen printing grew and became better with time, all of us here at TShirtWorxs make it a goal to be the best company for Screen Printing Knoxville TN by providing excellent customer service, top quality products while using the newest and most up to date screen printing technologies made available. When you need custom t-shirts for any occasion, TShirtWorxs can help!