Football is a nationwide obsession that begins at the pee wee level and extends to college games attended by more than 100,000 rabid fans and the Super Bowl with its 1 billion viewers worldwide. The thrill of a well-played football game is hard to beat whether you’re on the field or watching from the stands or TV. Quality football sports apparel in Knoxville, TN isn’t something everyone sells. To get the best football uniforms in Knoxville, TN you need to come to the source: TSW Sportswear.

Quality Football Uniforms in Knoxville, TN

There’s more to quality football uniforms in Knoxville, TN than a shirt and shorts. Football uniforms are unique in that they need to fit over the all-important safety equipment. And they have to do so comfortably and in a way that enhances the look of the athlete. Once you have the requisite safety gear you’ll need the following items to complete the look of your gridiron gamers:

What Makes A Great Football Uniform

✔ The Football Jersey – The typical football jersey is made of synthetic materials that are breathable and resist tearing. The jersey is typically cut fairly snug (to the equipment) and tradition dictates it be tucked in at the waist. Some football jerseys have a hand warmer built in at the stomach for those cold autumn and winter games. The jersey should have the team name and player number on the front and the player name and number on the back.

✔ The Football Pants – A football player’s pants need to be extremely durable and also stretch so as not to impede the player’s movement. Football pants are traditionally snug-fitting and have a tie in the front rather than a zipper. This is because zippers can catch on clothing or skin and can break under duress. Football pants typically extend just beyond the knee and include pockets into which protective pads can be inserted.

✔ The Football Socks – Football socks should extend upward to meet the pants just below the knee. Some college teams allow for exposed calves but this opens players up to more incidental cuts, bruises, and abrasions. Football socks are tight fitting and their color should match that of the uniform’s basic color scheme.


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