Sevierville Custom Embroidery

TShirtWorx embroidery services are the most sought after in Sevierville, TNbecause our customers know they can expect a top quality product at an affordable price every time. Our embroidered work always adheres to the highest standards and exudes a sophisticated, professional appearance that is as durable as it is beautifully done. If you are considering ways to enhance your branding efforts, raise money for a particular cause or celebrate the accomplishments of your favorite sports team, there’s no better way than custom embroidered apparel from TShirtWorx.

Embroidered imagery dates back more than 2,000 years and has been used throughout history for decorative purposes, to express social status, to create folk art and even tell historical tales. Though the technology has changed, we at TShirtWorx retain the ancient commitment to creating a product of lasting quality. As such we feature:


  • A complete range of embroidered apparel for social clubs, church groups, sports teams, businesses and individuals in Sevierville, TN and the surrounding area.
  • Dedicated artisans adept at using today’s leading edge technologies to create flawless embroidered garments for our customers.
  • The highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. When you enlist the services of TShirtWorx you’re not just a number on an invoice, you’re a partner in a creative venture.
  • Competitive prices that are not arrived at by cutting corners. You get the best, most affordable price for the highest quality finished product.

The Importance of Knowing Color When Embroidering

The process of recreating images with thread makes creating perfect color matches difficult. Some cut-rate embroiderers use this fact as a crutch to lean on when customers complain of the poor quality of their color reproduction. At TShirtWorxs we’re not in the excuse business. Our highly trained artisans know how to adjust color tones, values and intensities to produce a near perfect match every time.

The Importance of Quality Embroidering Threads

While there are basically two types of thread used to create most commercial embroidered imagery (polyester and rayon) the quality of these threads and their color can vary wildly. At TShirtWorx we use only the best, most durable threads so that your embroidered image looks as clear, vibrant and expressive 5 years on as it does the day we turn it over to you.

The Lasting Value of Quality Embroidery Work

There are many embroidery services around that will knock out your order quickly for next to nothing. But a month after receiving your apparel, when the stitching is coming undone and the color has faded in the cheap thread they used, their cut-rate price doesn’t look like such a bargain.

At TShirtWorx in Sevierville, TN we firmly believe in the value of quality work and never default to ‘good enough’ at any stage of the embroidery process. We know from experience that while quality work can’t be done for nothing, it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive either. By being on top of the latest techniques and technology and by knowing every nuance of the process, we engineer affordability and long-term value into every embroidered product we make. Have your logo professionally embroidered on custom t-shirts, hats, polos, bags and more.