Like soccer, basketball is a truly democratic game. All you need is a ball and a hoop and you’re good to go. No expensive equipment like hockey or lacrosse or even football. Just a kid, the hoop and a ball. When you get into competitive balling you’re going to want one more component: a uniform. But even there we’re talking about the simplest of choices. At TShirtWorxs we believe that if you look like a champion you’ll play like one and so we make sure that every article of sports apparel in Knoxville, TN we sell is a perfect match for the player involved.

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TShirtWorxs offers awesome team apparel from Augusta Sportswear and Badger Sport.

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Choosing the Perfect Basketball Uniforms in Knoxville, TN

The basketball uniform has gone through myriad changes over the years but the basics have remained the same: shirt, shorts, shoes. Here are few things to consider when assembling your team’s basketball uniforms.

  •  The Basketball Shirt – The basketball shirt can be either short sleeve or no sleeve. Tradition sides with no sleeve but this is a choice that is up to you and should be made based on who is involved (some might not be comfortable with a sleeveless shirt). Regardless of sleeve length the shirt should have the team name and player number emblazoned on the front with the back of the shirt displaying the player name and number.
  •  The Basketball Shorts – Basketball shorts were truly short back in the heyday of Bird and Magic. After that they went through a period where they almost reached the knee. Today they’ve settled into a middle ground somewhere around mid-thigh. They should match the shirt stylistically and be loose enough not to impede the athlete’s mobility when they’re driving for the hoop.
  •  The Basketball Shoes – When it comes to sports apparel in Knoxville, TN, the shoes are a huge business and there are as many quality makes and models as there are basketball players. Some players will prefer low cut shoes while others will go for the ankle support offered by high tops. It creates a more homogenous team identity if everyone wears the same type of shoe although it’s not essential.

When it comes to creating ideal basketball uniforms in Knoxville, TN no one has you covered like TShirtWorxs. We’ve got the shirts, shorts and warm-ups your team needs at the price you can afford and we’ll customize your basketball uniforms to ensure your team has an unforgettable identity they’ll all rally around. Don’t send your players onto the court looking like they just walked in from a pickup game. Outfit them with basketball uniforms from Knoxville, TN sportswear pros TShirtWorxs.